Danny Glibota

Well well well, how long have you been snowboarding for?
Uhhh I think this season is the 7th year I been riding. I actually skied before I snowboarded but it got boring quick. Snowboarding was just too fun and all my friends did it.

What the hell is BOOH crew?
B.O.O.H crew is the group of guys I shred with at Chicopee. Shout out to the legend Brent Beaulne for starting up Booh and keeping shit real as fuck.

What is riding Chicopee like?
Man Chicopee is where I’ve grown up and learned everything. It used to be wack with the three rollers going through it, but last season the park was setup so you could do fun lines, it’s only 200 vertical feat, but riding it with the homies makes it the place to be. Shout out to Alex Bielawski, Landon Jones, Alex Ioannids , Tomislav Maletic, Stan McElroy, Brent “no show” Beaulne, Scott Snider, Kyle Reid, Matt Meaney, and the homie 4 life Juan Gomez.

When did you get over the 200 vertical feet and decide to hit some street?
I had older friends like Scott Snider, and Nick Outram who would hit street, I would always wanna go wit them but I was young an they didn’t want me to get hurt, we would mostly make really fun setups. Landon Jones brought me into these streets and we’re always on the grind now, I’m looking forward to traveling this year and riding more street.

We’ve all seen your style go from very gangst, pants that don’t fit, gaper gaps and jackets that are twice the size of you, to this more cleaned up version. Who is putting an influence on your style the most and how important is style to you?
Aaha ya man I used to really be into Tech Nine, I watched a lot of Chris Bradshaw and Lucas Magoon, It was sick how they rode so clean. I mostly thought the baggy stuff looked sick while riding. People change and preferences do to, I dont know what it was for me. I watch a lot Footyfiend, VG, and Keep The Change videos, Dyl9 and bush are kings in the rail game and they definitely influence me.

What’s your story on hitting rails with no snow last year?
Last winter was so shitty in south Ontario, there were only a handful of days with snow on the ground, so it was hard to hit any street spots. I went to Killington early last December, I ended up meeting Lemi from Strapdup and he was a cool dude who kills it, I’m excited to head out there this winter some how. Hopefully I stay out of trouble though, I was out for a month because of a concussion, it was so harsh, definitely one of the best/worst winters I’ve had.

Everyone’s probably seen the photos or heard about it, but how did you get that concussion?
Ya we were hitting this short harsh DFD and I went to fast at it and got bucked upside down into the stairs. I remember riding up to it and even the ollie, after that I remember gettin up in the hospital. Apparently I said “I don’t think I can hit this anymore” 10 mins after I fell. Some funny stuff. Wear a helmet kids!!!

So are you going to wear a helmet this year or just start landing tricks?
Ya I’m definitely gonna wear a helmet whenever I ride now, head injuries are scary and mad wack it’s something I don’t wanna risk anymore. Aha man that bail was like worst case scenario, hopefully ill land on my board more this year.

Favourite trick, video part, and favourite snowboarding memory?
Uhh either Back lip or front lip, Jed Anderson’s Transworld part a few years back was crazy, Keegan Valaika’s in color part was on point. My favorite memory was when I went to Camp of Champions last summer, it was first time Ive been out west, Scott Snider is the funnest guy to ride with too!